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Community Outreach

Tenant Assistance Project

Students work out of Bloomington’s Justice Building to assist tenants who face an immediate threat of eviction. TAP offers quality, onetime legal information, advice, and representation at the Justice Building. (The program does not provide legal help or referrals during other times.)

TAP provides the following services:

  • Screening to determine what the client needs and wants.
  • Advice in which students explain the client’s options, and, if necessary, refer the client to other service providers or social service agencies.
  • Instruction on how clients can represent themselves in court and/or how to negotiate with the opposing party.
  • Negotiation on behalf of the tenant with the opposing party before the eviction hearing.
  • In-court representation before the judge (and helping the tenant present the facts and legal defenses).
  • Full representation by referring clients who need additional legal assistance to a legal organization, such as Indiana Legal Services, with which TAP has relationships.*

* There is no guarantee that an attorney or organization will take the case.

Contact the Tenant Assistance Project

Jennifer Prusak, Faculty Advisor
Indiana Legal Services, Inc.
E-mail: jennifer.prusak [at] ilsi [dot] net
Phone: (812) 339-7668