A. James  Barnes

A. James Barnes

Professor of Law and Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs

  • B.S., Michigan State University 1964
  • J.D., Harvard University 1967
  • Dean, IU O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs (1988-2000)
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Deputy Administrator and General Counsel
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Chief of Staff to Administrator William Ruckelshaus

Professor Barnes is a nationally recognized expert in environmental law and policy and the co-author of two leading textbooks in business law. At Indiana Law and at the IU O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs, where he served as dean from 1988-2000, Barnes teaches about environmental law, environmental policy, ethics and the public official, and law and public policy. He previously taught in the business schools at Indiana University and Georgetown University.

In 1970, Barnes participated in the formation of EPA, serving as chief of staff to the first administrator, William Ruckelshaus, and later as EPA General Counsel and Deputy Administrator. He also served as General Counsel of the U.S Department of Agriculture, as a trial attorney in the Department of Justice, and as a partner in a major Washington, D.C. law firm.

He has written, testified and spoken extensively on environmental issues, consults on a variety of environmental matters, and mediates environmental disputes. He currently chairs the EPA Environmental Finance Advisory Board and is a member of the Department of Energy's Environmental Management Advisory Board.

Barnes is also a fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration. He recently served on four Academy panels to provide advice (1) to the Department of Homeland Security on steps to protect the country during the presidential transition; (2) to the Executive Branch on processes for developing environmental and natural resource indicators; 3) to Congress on desirable changes in how the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers should change its method of prioritizing water resource projects; and (4) to the EPA on how it might better factor environmental justice considerations into its permitting processes.

During his tenure as dean of the SPEA, U.S. News & World Report ranked the institution third among public affairs programs and first in environmental policy.

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  • Environmental law and policy
  • Commercial law
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Ethics
  • Law and public policy