Business and commercial law

The influence of business law is evident in everything from buying groceries to raising billions of dollars in capital. Regulating and facilitating trade and commerce are crucial functions of the law and play a central role in national and international economies. Recent surveys suggest that about 60 percent of all lawyers practice some form of business law. About 15 percent of Indiana Law graduates choose a full-time business career.

Indiana Law’s extracurricular offerings, joint degree programs with the Kelley School of Business, and a wide selection of courses, including an excellent curriculum in international business law, ensure that you will be ready for real-world practice upon graduation. You will complete your program prepared to represent clients in a broad range of transactions, from consumer purchases to international exchanges, as well as in related litigation.


After the required first-year courses, students may select from a broad range of offerings in the field of business and commercial law, including several clinical opportunities.

Student Activities and Opportunities

Scholarships and Fellowships

The Sigmund J. Beck Award is given each year to students who produce the best written work in bankruptcy law or a related commercial law topic. More information about financial aid is available from the Office of Admissions.

Career Opportunities

Our alumni hold positions with a wide variety of business and financial organizations, including the Chicago Board of Options, Citibank, Eli Lilly and Company, IBM, CBS, the New York Times Company, and the World Bank.


Adjunct Faculty