Civil rights and equality

What does equality mean? And how can – or should – the law enforce or encourage it? The courses listed below let you explore these foundational questions from a variety of perspective. Some courses focus on the rules that govern action by the state itself, such as rules regarding voting rights; other courses introduce and analyze the laws that govern how private entities – such as employers or landlords – treat individuals. And clinics offer you the opportunity to represent clients seeking to enforce their own civil rights.

Of course, some of the most important legal rules regarding civil rights and equality are established by the Constitution; those courses are described separately. The courses in this section focus on statutory or regulatory provisions that go beyond the floor established by constitutional provisions.

In addition to taking a variety of the courses listed below, students interested in this area should also consider taking courses in the Administrative Law and Government Regulation Area of Focus. Those courses explain the rules that govern interpretation of statutes and regulations and the process by which the rules have been developed.


Clinics and externships

Student activities and opportunities


Student-run projects provide an opportunity for valuable practice experience with a defined time  commitment.  Academic credit is not  granted for participation in these projects.


Adjunct faculty