General practice

As business, society, and the law have become more complex, the practice of law has become more specialized. Many students will select an area of focus that will help them develop a deeper set of proficiencies in their chosen field.

However, no matter how specialized a lawyer’s practice, there are certain subjects with which every professional should be familiar. A securities lawyer should know enough about antitrust to be able to recognize a potential issue and help his client avoid running afoul of the law. A practitioner in estate planning should understand land use law well enough to anticipate its effects on the valuation of her client’s assets. And of course, students who plan to hang out their own shingle after graduation or work in a firm with under 10 lawyers — as more than 25% of our graduates do — will need to acquire a broad understanding of the myriad issues that affect today’s business owners, families, and professionals.

Indiana Law’s area of focus on general practice addresses these needs. In addition to the required first-year curriculum, the courses described below will provide solid underpinnings for the legal issues that today’s practitioner will be most likely to encounter.