Intellectual property program

As the value of intangible assets has increased in recent decades, intellectual property has become not only more significant in the United States and global economies, but also central in our discussions of culture and everyday life.

Center for Intellectual Property Research

The purpose of the Center for Intellectual Property Research is to support the study of all aspects of intellectual property law and related fields, including patent, trademark and unfair competition, copyright, and information policy.

Technology has become the dominant force in the global economy. Every lawyer needs to understand how technology intersects with the law, and in no area is that intersection more salient than in intellectual property law. Toward that end, the Center promotes a dialogue on intellectual property law among scholars, judges, policymakers, practitioners, and students.


We offer an IP curriculum with both breadth and depth, as demonstrated by the courses listed below. These courses are complemented by the offerings in the separately classified Information, Communications, and Privacy Law area of focus.

As IP practice becomes increasingly intertwined with other bodies of law—such as constitutional law, business law, administrative law, contract law, international law, and antitrust—students interested in practicing IP law should be sure to take advantage of our course offerings in these areas.

Core Courses:
Advanced Courses:
Clinics and Practicum:

Student activities and opportunities

  • IP Theory (Online Journal): Students may apply to participate as editors of the online journal IP Theory, which publishes short scholarly works on IP law and policy.
  • Intellectual Property Mentor Program: The IPA and the Law School's Office of Career and Professional Development assigns practicing IP lawyers to mentor Indiana Law students one-on-one, offering career advice and answering practical questions about life as an IP lawyers.

  • Intellectual Property Practitioner-in-Residence Program: This program brings distinguished IP practitioners to campus to lead class discussions, meet with faculty and student groups, and deliver public lectures on IP topics.
  • Intellectual Property Advisory Board: The Law School maintains an active advisory board of alumni and friends who practice IP law. The board counsels students on career opportunities and the School on its IP program.
  • Joint JD/MBA with the Kelley School of Business: This program presents an opportunity for students interested in advising or founding IP-intensive businesses, helping start-ups identify and protect IP, and advising sophisticated clients during complex due diligence and valuation exercises.


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