"I've learned to mosey"

Christina Abossedgh, JD’15

Christina Abossedgh waited a few years before starting law school. And she took the time to make certain that Maurer is the right choice.         

Why I chose Indiana Law: I evaluated law schools on one criterion: the experience of current students and alumni. I was a paralegal at White & Case in Washington, DC for four years. Before that, I worked for a small telecommunications law firm for nearly two years while in college. One of the Maurer alums has been very successful at that firm. There’s no better testimonial for a law school than the success of its alums. I wanted to go to a school I could be ecstatic to graduate from, and Maurer is it.

Maurer also offers great opportunities for hands-on experience in other countries. I was a 2013 Milton Stewart Fellow and completed a summer externship at the law firm of Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A. Shroff & Co. in New Delhi, India.

How important is the choice of undergrad majors? Your undergrad major doesn’t matter as long as you like logical constructs. I studied violin for years, and the logic that applies in music also applies in law. The same is true for engineering. If you like solving problems, you’ll like the law.

Any surprises? Bloomington! I’ve lived in big east coast cities my whole life. Bloomington has been a big change, but it’s an ideal environment for law school. It’s a fun place to live, but there are fewer distractions, and day-to-day life is just breezy. I don’t have to power walk — I’m learning to mosey!

Advice for students looking at law schools: Meet current students and alums. Put the quality of your education first. A law degree can take you anywhere — private practice, business, politics. If you feel that law is right for you, focus on what you’ll learn in law school before focusing on the outcomes. And take a deep breath! The LSAT is one test, one day of your life. It doesn’t define your self-worth.