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All lawyering is global

At Indiana Law, we believe that all of our graduates, but especially those who take part in our one-of-a-kind international opportunities, should be able to demonstrate three key global competencies:

Global awareness: The ability to demonstrate a sound knowledge of the interrelatedness of local, global, international, and intercultural issues, trends, and legal and political systems.

Global perspective: The ability to look at and understand issues from multiple perspectives, not just their own.

Global engagement: The ability to adapt these skills to their legal practice.

Through global and comparative coursework, interaction with the Law School's global student body, attendance at and engagement with pre-departure and re-entry orientation sessions — as well as formative experiences overseas — you will gain both a competitive edge and valuable insight into the global legal profession. Our goal is that when you graduate, you will be globally aware, interculturally competent, and well-rounded, ready to serve the legal needs of your local, national and global communities.

Global experiences

Externships, exchange programs, and summer study abroad, including our unique Stewart Fellows program, which offers overseas externships throughout the world