Earning your joint degree

Joint degrees are awarded at the same time, and all requirements in both schools must be completed in order to receive each degree. Whether in a formal or individually structured joint-degree program, students typically spend their first year at the Law School. Thereafter, course time is divided between the Law School and the other school or department in whatever way best meets your educational objectives and the program requirements. As a general rule, joint degree programs do not require academic work during the summer, so you can take advantage of internships, clerkships, and summer associate programs.

How to apply

If you are interested in a joint degree, you must apply to a law school degree program and meet the specific application requirements defined by the joint degree program. You are encouraged to apply for admission to each school at the same time. However, law students can apply for admission to the other school or department before the end of the second year of law study. Students enrolled in master’s programs at other schools and departments should apply for admission to the Law School before the end of the first year of the master’s program.