Outside minors

Minor in Gender Studies

To be eligible to receive the degree of Doctor of Jurisprudence with a minor in Gender Studies, a student must:

  • Complete 82 semester hours of credit in the School of Law including all its required course work; and
  • Complete one core Gender Studies course;
  • Complete three 3-4 credit hour courses at or above the 500 level offered by Gender Studies;
  • Complete 6 credit hours of law courses that satisfy the Gender Studies cross-listing requirements. See the Dean of Students to ascertain specific courses available each year.

Minor in Education Policy

This minor is designed for students interested in education law and policy. The IU School of Education has a unique concentration of faculty with an expertise in education law and students who are interested in the topic. Attorneys with a background in education law are employed in a variety of settings, including private practice (e.g., employment, civil rights, special education practice groups); governmental agencies (e.g., federal and state departments of education), and universities (e.g., general counsel’s office, athletic department compliance, professors); and non-profit organizations (e.g., organizations dedicated to education reform). Please contact Dr. Janet Decker deckerjr@indiana.edu for further information. For more information about education law and policy opportunities, visit this page.


  • Complete 82 semester hours of credit in the Law School, including all of its required course work
  • Complete the following four additional courses (12 credit hours) in the School of Education (course substitutions may be possible with compelling reasons and permission from the Law School and the School of Education):
    • B658/A608 Legal Perspectives on Education;
    • B658/A615 Advanced School Law;
    • B658/A675 Leadership in Special Education; and
    • B658/A720 Workshop on Selected Problems in Educational Leadership

For additional information, consult the questions and answers about the minor in education policy.