International students: 3 pathways to an Indiana Law degree

LLM to JD credit transfer option (CTO)

Indiana Law has a process which allows current LLM students to apply for transfer to the JD program. Students may nominate themselves to take part in the process, and faculty members may also nominate students who perform exceptionally in their classes.

Approved LLM students who accept the CTO invitation will be graded on the same scale as the JD students for their spring courses. Otherwise, graduate students are graded separately from JD students. Selection to participate in the process does not guarantee admission to the JD program. Students will still need to follow the application procedures for admission to the JD program, but will not be required to submit LSAT scores. Transfer decisions will be based on the students’ spring semester grades and will be made by the Dean of Admissions and the Dean of Students in the summer.

If admitted to the JD program, credits for most courses taken during the spring semester could be counted towards the credits required for the JD degree (dependent upon individual course schedules). All other requirements for the JD degree remain the same. Under appropriate circumstances, this could reduce the total time for both an LLM and JD degree to 3.5 years. Students who have earned an LLB previously may also be eligible to have their prior coursework counted towards the credits required for the JD degree thereby reducing the total time for both an LLM and JD degree to 3 years.

For more information about our LLM to JD credit transfer option, please contact the Director of Graduate Admissions by email at or by phone at (812) 856-7217.

Advanced standing

Indiana Law invites applicants who have completed or are in the process of completing the equivalent of an undergraduate or graduate degree in law from an accredited foreign university to apply as an advanced standing JD student. Successful advanced standing applicants can have one semester to one full year of our three-year JD degree requirements waived based on previous academic coursework and professional accomplishments. 

Learn more about how to apply to the advanced standing JD program.

Regular three-year JD degree

If you have completed or are now completing an undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree in any subject in your home country, and if you are interested in pursuing an Indiana Law JD degree, we invite you to apply for our regular three-year JD program.  Please note that all applicants to the regular three-year JD program must take the LSAT.

Apply for our regular three-year JD degree