How we review applications

We seek to admit and enroll students whose intellect, experience, creativity, and personal character will enable them successfully to complete their own legal education, contribute to the education of their classmates, and continue to the Law School’s venerable legacy of producing leaders of the bar, the government, and the private sector.

In evaluating applicants, the admissions committee gives substantial weight to numeric criteria that demonstrate prior academic achievement and may predict academic success in law school. These numeric criteria include undergraduate and graduate grade point averages and the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). Because these numeric criteria are not sufficient for determining whether an applicant will assist the Law School in meeting its responsibility to educate lawyers who will serve the legal needs of all members of society, we also consider a variety of non-numeric criteria, such as:  

  • Rigor and difficulty of coursework
  • Academic honors
  • Employment
  • Public or volunteer service
  • Significant achievement in non-academic activities
  • Potential for service to the profession

We also consider whether the applicant is among the first in his or her family to attend college, is a member of groups that historically have been underrepresented in law school and the legal profession, or has experienced significant adversity. For more details, please see our Standards and Process for Reviewing Applications.

The admission committee makes decision on a rolling basis. While there is no firm admissions deadline, the committee begins admitting applicants before the December recess. Prospective students are therefore encouraged to apply early. Applications to our JD program become available in early September.


For further information about applying to our JD program, please take time to peruse our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions webpage. Additional questions about applying to our JD program, including arranging a visit, can be addressed by contacting the JD Admissions Office at (812) 855-4765 or

If you need information regarding federal financial aid programs, please contact the Director of Financial Aid at (812) 855-7746 or