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Alumni Accomplishments

Lisa McKinney Goldner, JG'92
Indianapolis, Indiana
Current Position:
Partner, Bose McKinney & Evans LLP

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Alumni Profiles

Advocate for People, Business, and the Environment
Lisa McKinney, JD’92

When Lisa McKinney graduated from Indiana Law in 1992, she planned to pursue corporate law at Bose McKinney & Evans (her father and mentor, Robert McKinney, graduated from Indiana School of Law in 1952 and was one of the firm’s founding members). “I wanted to make a difference by helping people reach resolution of legal issues by guiding them through the legal procedures of compliance and enforcement with state and federal agencies.” Thus, when a partner asked her to assist in an environmental case, a new passion was born. Today, McKinney focuses on environmental law and specializes in alcohol and tobacco law along with her personal interest in equine law.

A fulfilling field: “I enjoy working in the environmental area because I have always been interested in preservation of the planet. I take pride in providing assistance in leading our clients through the process of remediation of contaminated sites and turning them into catalysts for change in often financially depressed areas. It fulfills me to help small and large business owners navigate the intricacies of state and federal laws.

“A substantial portion of my law practice is involved in assisting clients in obtaining alcoholic beverage permits and working with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission and local boards in each county. The experience of working in administrative law with the state and local agencies has been challenging and ever changing.”

For love of a horse: “I bought my first horse, a thoroughbred named Court Jester, after law school. It surprised everyone because I never discussed it—I just did it.  I have always had a passion for horses, and my three daughters and I enjoy riding. The representation of other horse owners has been a natural outgrowth of that interest.”

The Indiana Law experience: “Some of my best memories are from Indiana Law. I made the closest friendships, had some of the most dynamic conversations, and learned to love the law. My professors challenged me to think outside the box and prepared me to take on any challenge I might encounter.  Going back is like going home again.”

Advice for current students: “Take advantage of your time in law school. Apply yourself, get involved in the university and associations, and plan for your future by setting goals.”