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Alumni Accomplishments

David J. Mallon Jr.
Indianapolis, Indiana
Current Position:
Partner, Ice Miller LLP

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The “Rejuvenating” Powers of Mentoring
David J. Mallon Jr., JD’75

For the past 33 years, David J. Mallon Jr. has been a fixture at Ice Miller LLP, one of the largest law firms in Indianapolis. He started as an associate fresh out of Indiana Law and became a partner at the firm just seven years later. He now focuses on litigation and risk management for health care providers and colleges and universities. And though it’s been decades since he sat in a Law School lecture, Mallon says those lessons are never far from his mind. “My law degree prepared me well for my current practice,” says Mallon. “I remember taking Civil Procedure with Professor Edwin Greenebaum. To this day, the things he said come back when I am considering an issue. The teaching and experiences I had at IU were of immense value as I became a practicing lawyer.”

Career highlights: “Working with our young associates. We’ve been working on a training program here for the past 10 or 15 years aimed primarily at our litigation attorneys, to try to get them comfortable making presentations in front of other people, speaking, and using their trial skills. I really enjoy mentoring.”

Favorite law school memory: “My friend, Don Prosser [who now works in Carbondale, Illinois, in a family firm] and I used to go to The Gables across the street, grab a cup of coffee, and talk about classes, cases, issues. It was just helpful and fun.”

Mentoring mojo: “Since graduating, I have come back to Indiana Law a number of times. I’ve been part of the Resume Roundtables in the last couple of years, and I spoke to a group interested in health law, specifically medical malpractice defense work. I like dealing with young people. There’s an energy level and enthusiasm and intelligence—the combination is just fun to be around. It’s rejuvenating.”

Advice for new grads? “If you’re waiting for someone to show you how to succeed, you’ll still be waiting 20 years from now. You need to take charge of your own career. You have to be the one to figure out how to succeed and go out and do it. Be prepared to work hard. If you’re not, you will be outstripped by people who are.”