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Alumni Accomplishments

Rafael Sanchez
Indianapolis, Indiana
Current Position:
PARTNER, Bingham McHale, LLP

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Alumni Profiles

Learned to Think Like a Lawyer at Indiana Law
Rafael Sanchez, JD’02

Every day at work is different for Rafael Sanchez, a partner at Bingham McHale in Indianapolis—and that’s what he loves. “Because each case is different, it never becomes routine,” says Sanchez, who primarily practices in business and civil litigation. He’s also a member of the firm’s Diversified Business Solutions team, which focuses on providing legal services to minority- and female-owned businesses. Sanchez says Indiana Law taught him how to think like a lawyer and laid the groundwork for becoming an excellent attorney, community leader, and just as important, a multitasker. “In my day-to-day practice, I have to juggle many things—much like in Law School,” he says. “The rigorousness of Indiana Law’s academic program taught me how to effectively manage my practice.”

What I love about my job: “I consider myself very fortunate to have been given opportunities very early in my career to participate in events, programs, and organizations that can—and do—have a high impact on the community. My law degree at Indiana University Bloomington opened many doors for me.”

Best Indiana Law memories: “The highlight of my law school years was becoming a father my last semester, which was not an easy task considering my wife was also attending law school. Another highlight was my semester in Barcelona. I am forever grateful to the law school, its administrative staff, and faculty for creating opportunities that allow students to enrich themselves and gain a more global experience while staying on track with their legal education. The transition back to my regular coursework was seamless and the Study Abroad program was outstanding.”

The Bloomington experience: “I miss the cultural diversity and sophistication that Bloomington uniquely offers. Just take a stroll down Fourth Street and you’ll see what I mean.”