Survey of Intellectual Property

B751 is taught by J. Du Mont, M. Janis, M. Leaffer, M. Mattioli

This course provides a broad overview of intellectual property law, one of the fastest growing areas of the law and one that has become relevant to virtually all areas of modern legal practice. The course is designed for students who do not necessarily intend to specialize in intellectual property, and does not require any background in technology. The course considers patent, trademark, copyright law and related bodies of state law, such as trade secret and the right of publicity. Patents protect technological information (inventive products and processes); copyrights cover expressive information (art, literature, music, computer software); trademarks encompass symbolic information (brand names, and other identifying symbols). Students who complete the course may wish to enroll in other upper-level intellectual property courses that we offer here, although this course is not a prerequisite for those courses.