Entertainment Law

B590 is taught by R. Meitus

Entertainment law has been a respected area of legal practice for decades dealing with representation of both creative talent and entertainment business interests. Entertainment law has most notably been at the forefront of popular culture as forms of media distribution have moved to the Internet in digital forms and questions about monopolistic practices of the increasingly small number of media conglomerates. This course will provide students with the opportunity to develop both a practical understanding of representing creative and business interests in the fields of music, film & television and literary publishing and a theoretical understanding of the broader IP and constitutional issues at stake with regard to control of creative media.

Either of the courses Survey of Intellectual Property Law or Copyright Law are recommended to be taken either prior to or concurrently with Entertainment Law (but are not required). The subject matter of Entertainment Law, though drawing on copyright law to some extent, does not significantly overlap with any other course to an extent that would preempt students from taking both.