Conservation Law Clinic

B558 is taught by J. Hyman, W. Weeks

The Conservation Law Clinic is an opportunity for second and third year law students to serve as interns in the Conservation Law Center, a public interest law firm that represents non-profit clients who need legal assistance with natural resource conservation matters. The Clinic is a three credit hour course. Conservation Law Clinic interns, working closely with Clinic Attorneys, participate directly in the representation of Conservation Law Center clients. Clinical work is supplemented with readings and discussion that will focus on practice skills and the legal background of a conservation issue of current issue; the topic for the fall semester of 2017 was the challenge of conserving top predators in a densely populated landscape. Clinic interns report that they value the experience of representing realworld clients and working in a law firm setting. Clinic matters have included analysis of conservation related laws; development of and commenting on new administrative rules; drafting legislation; and litigation at administrative, trial and appellate levels. Registration preference will be given to students who have completed half of the required course work toward a degree or joint degree, and to students interested in enrolling in the Clinic for two consecutive semesters. To apply, please send a statement of interest and a copy of your resume to W. William Weeks ( prior to registration.