Public Interest Internship Program

B547 is taught by L. Daghe, R. Downey, Farnsworth, S. Lahn, I. Van Der Cruysse

COURSE GOALS: The student acquires a behind-the-scenes insight about how non-profit organizations, corporations, local, state, and federal government organizations work. Students will be offered the opportunity to serve clients directly under the supervision of a licensed attorney. Students will also receive classroom instruction on lawyering in the public interest, with a focus on challenges related to professional ethics, client-relationships, etc. that are specific to public interest attorneys.

COURSE COMPETENCIES: Some placements require that the student has already taken specialized classes related to substantive areas or the willingness to take specific courses contemporaneously. Most placements, however, require only the successful completion of the 1L curriculum.

STUDENT ROLE: Legal research and writing, observation at meetings with clients, litigation and pre-litigation skills, transactional skills, active participation in class discussions.

For this course, the student will register for 3 credits: 2 credits will take place in the field placement (104 hours of on-site work), and 1 credit will consist of classroom instruction lawyering in the public interest, Mondays, 5:35PM-6:30PM.

Additional externship course requirements include weekly time-sheets, reflective essays, and self-assessment exercises.

COURSE QUALIFICATIONS: General externship requirements: must have successfully completed the 1L curriculum.

CLIENTELE SERVED: Varies from a government agency to underrepresented populations.

NATURE OF PRACTICE: A variety of assignments, but in general: research and writing, document review, document drafting, transactional work, litigation work, compliance work.

APPLICATION METHOD: For placement assistance, you may contact the Career Services Office. For any questions regarding course requirements please contact Prof. Inge Van der Cruysse at