Appellate Advocacy

B642 is taught by S. Lahn

When a lawyer gets up and prepares to address an audiencewhether its the U.S. Supreme Court, a jury, a board of directors, or a city council meetingtheres usually a lot at stake, not only for the client but often for the attorney too. In this Skills course, well practice how to rise to those challenges by presenting complex ideas and facts effectively and professionally. In pursuing that goal, well examine everything from video of real appellate arguments to empirical data on the science of persuasion to public speaking techniques gleaned from other fields such as sports psychology and acting.

This Skills course is designed to work in tandem with the 2019 Sherman Minton Moot Court competition and to help you make the most of participating in that event. While the focus will be on oral argument, well also examine the essentials of appellate briefwriting and the current Sherman Minton Problem in the weeks that youre writing your moot court brief. In order to sync with the moot court calendar, the class will meet for two hours a week and finish by the third week in October. One scheduling note: In order to make the course available to as many students as possible, it is being offered in two sections: one section will meet on Monday and Wednesday at 2:203:15 p.m.; the other will meet on Thursday at 9:5011:50 a.m.

Course requirements include, in addition to participating in the 2019 Sherman Minton Competition: two practice oral arguments; a short written assignment (with a partner) to prepare for the practice arguments and a selfassessment afterwards; and a meeting to review video of the practice arguments. Feel free to contact Prof. Seth Lahn ( with any questions. (Pass/Fail)