Remedies & Equity

B603 is taught by S. Conrad

This course will introduce students to a wide range of legal and equitable remedies. There will be two required textbooks for the course: (1) the classic hornbook Law of Remedies: DamagesEquityRestitution, by Dan B. Dobbs (in hardback); and the companion textbook Problems in Remedies: DamagesEquityRestitution, by Dan B. Dobbs and Kathleen Kavanagh (in paperback). As the foregoing indicates, the course will use the problem method, rather than the case method. With much briefer reading assignments than the case method allows, we can increase both breadth of coverage and narrowness of focus on the remedial elements of the litigation and settlement situations we address. The course textbooks and the planned pedagogical approach are very practiceoriented, with emphasis on "blackletter" law, policy factors, and strategy and tactics of litigation/settlement. Roundtable class discussion is very important in the course. There will be several blindly graded Writing Assignments; and students will be required to revise some Writing Assignments in accord with feedback given in the initial blind grading.