Tax Policy Colloquium

B526 is taught by D. Gamage, L. Lederman

This course offers an opportunity for students to read and react to articles in progress on an array of federal tax topics. There generally will be seven presentations during the semester, made by professors from other schools, with five short reaction papers required. For information on the types of topics covered in past years, see the Colloquium website at (link).

Students will be expected to read each work-in-progress in advance of the presentation, along with background reading, and write a short reaction paper in response to most of the papers; to discuss the article draft and background materials in the class session prior to the presentation; to pose questions to the presenter about the article; and to participate in a synthesis discussion in the class session following the presentation. Interested I.U. faculty members and others will also attend the presentation sessions and participate in those discussions.

Introduction to Income Tax is a prerequisite. This course satisfies the writing requirement for graduation. Also, please send your resume to Professor Lederman for approval prior to registration in November or prior to the end of Drop/Add in January.