Private Practice Externship

B514 is taught by I. Van der Cruysse

COURSE GOALS: The student will work with inhouse counsel of a corporation, or lawfirm, and will gain insight in how the corporation is run as a business, and how it is serving its client(s).

A handful of forprofit corporations partnered with the school for educational purposes: for those in IP, you must register for course B551 (see course description and guidelines for the application process). For paid positions in a forprofit environment, the student first typically finds a paid position with the employer, and can then request approval for externship credit, as long as the employer agrees to follow the requirements for the externship program.

COURSE COMPETENCIES: Depending on the subject area and placement, there may be prerequisites which vary according to substantive area.

STUDENT ROLE: Legal research and writing, observer at and participant in meetings with clients and in some caseswith outside counsel, participation in depositions, court hearings, transactional meetings.

COURSE QUALIFICATIONS: Specialty courses related to substantive area of the externship may be required.

CLIENTELE SERVED: The private corporation, private firm and their respective clients.

NATURE OF PRACTICE: A variety of assignments, but in general: research and writing, document review, transactional work. The student is required to work 104 hours onsite for 2 credits. The academic component consists of ABA required work: (1) written goals and objectives for the externship, (2) 6 reflective essays, and (3) a final selfassessment and evaluation of the work place. Students are required to maintain and submit a detailed timesheet. Students will meet for an orientation meeting at noon on the first day of classes, and for three subsequent meetings: 2 with all students in this course, and one exit interview with the faculty supervisor in the last week of the externship.

APPLICATION METHOD: Faculty approval prior to registration will be required. Students interested in this externship course, are encouraged to contact the Faculty Director for Externships and Faculty Advisor, Prof. Inge Van der Cruysse at prior to their search and for IP externships only, which are a separate course, B551 with Prof. Mark Janis at

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: For additional questions, contact Prof. Inge Van der Cruysse at If you have not secured or approved your placement for the fall 2019 yet by registration day, please register for another course you want to take in case securing and/or approving the placement falls through. Once you secure and get your placement approved, you can drop the extra class and add the externship in the first week of classes. Materials: any additional reading materials will be posted on the CANVAS page for this course.