B738 is taught by D. Fidler, A. Lubin, S. Shackelford

Enhancing cybersecurity is a critical issue affecting the competitiveness of firms and the security of governments. Increasingly, policymakers are fashioning regulatory schemes around the world that promise to shape not only the day-to-day realities of operating information systems, but also cyberspace itself. This course takes an interdisciplinary, global approach to introduce students to cybersecurity law and policy. Course content includes hot topics in cybersecurity litigation and applicable U.S. state and federal law as well as comparative and international law related to managing cyber attacks. Connected topics such as Internet governance and cybersecurity ethics will also be addressed. Ultimately, we will analyze regulatory solutions as part of a larger universe of reforms needed to enhance cybersecurity and safeguard intellectual property.

*Note: This course meets online on a special calendar starting on Feb. 19 and concluding on Apr. 16. Students will have the option of registering for either a 2 or 3 credit version of the class. Both will require completion of a research paper, but the 2-credit option will only include a 10-15 page final paper, while the 3-credit option necessitates a 30+ page paper along with other related assignments (such as a paper workshop, presentation, and op-ed drafting opportunity to distill your core findings). Given the amount of writing required, the 3-credit option will count for upper-level intensive writing credit.