B620 is taught by S. Ardery, J. Hoeksema


Negotiation occurs when human beings collide over the division of limited resources of time, talent or treasure.

We negotiate for ourselves and others to get what we want and to avoid losing what we have. This class is designed for you to ask the large and small questions about how human beings go about the process of having the hard conversations. We will address priorities, develop skills, consider styles and strategies and become aware of internal and external conflicts. We will talk about what it is to listen radically, pay attention to physical cues, and practice what it is to integrate skills to become a highly effective negotiator.

You will share your own personal negotiation experiences and learn from your classmates, whose experiences and approaches may vary from your own.

You will do 4-6 negotiations with a partner and we will de-brief those negotiations. Class participation is 60% of the grade.

We will consider various readings on negotiation, neuroscience, philosophy and sociology. We will look wherever we can to learn to negotiate in a principled and effective way.

The first day of class I will give you a Negotiation Diary. You are expected to write down a personal negotiation experience or conflict experience of your own each week and some observation from that weeks readings. We will begin each class with someone sharing their real-life experience so we can see how this class has practical application.

The goal is to fear negotiation less and enjoy it more.

Grades- Grades will be determined with 60% attendance and class participation, 15% final paper, and 15% final negotiation that will be done with a partner on video.

Note: 3Ls have priority for this course.