Seminar in Admin Law: Lawyering in the Modern Admin State

L782 is taught by Conrad

In this course we& 039;ll emphasize skills building, specifically, skills in revising one& 039;s own formal expository prose. One of the two course textbooks is a manual especially devoted to helping lawyers improve their writing. The other course textbook is a collection of essays on a variety of topics in the area of modern American administrative law. We& 039;ll read and discuss all these essays, but with an eye more to analyzing argumentation than to mastering the details of doctrine or policy. Therefore, background knowledge of administrative law is hardly a prerequisite for the course. Important and distinctive: each student, in short order, is to be assigned (by me) one of the essays in the collection as a focus for developing an individual research and writing Project, with the complete first draft of each student& 039;s Project paper due on the Friday before Spring Break. We& 039;ll thus be making time for working, collaboratively and individually, on the revision process throughout the balance of the semester.