Law & Education: Higher Education

B658 is taught by C. Matthews

Examining the primary legal themes present in U.S. colleges and universities, this course focuses on the rights and responsibilities of higher educations two main components: faculty and students. This course explores the increasingly complicated legal relationships and issues that arise in post-secondary contexts. Colleges and universities provide the setting for many of the most pressing legal concerns we face--from affirmative action to employment entitlements to basic questions about free expression. While some of these issues involve areas of law considered in other courses, this course brings to life the unique impact and importance of these issues in the higher education setting. The legal relationships between institutions and their faculty and staff; institutional oversight and campus governance; academic and expressive freedoms; the legal status of students; race, sex, religion, and discrimination in higher education; the allocation of risk among various parties on campus these topics and more will be considered. Readings will come from various sources, including recent news, and current events will help illustrate the principles of law involved. This course will depend primarily on written assignments, class discussion, and presentations; as a writing class, this course satisfies the advanced writing requirement for graduation.