Law & Education: Workshop on Probs in Ed Leadership

B658 is taught by J. Decker, S. Eckes

The purpose of this course is to develop students legal research and writing skills while increasing their knowledge about education law and policy. Students will investigate and discuss current issues, developments, and concerns surrounding education law and policy. Specific topics vary each semester. This is a School of Education course which will be taught entirely online. Students are responsible for ascertaining applicable rules of relevant jurisdictions for bar exams/admission. Some jurisdictions limit the number of online hours. This course qualifies as one of the School of Education cross-listed courses that is required for the J.D. Minor in Education Policy (see Only Education Policy Minor students are eligible to enroll in this course. Please contact the Student Affairs office if you plan to pursue the Minor in Education Policy and Dr. Janet Decker ( for further information about the course or the Education Policy minor.