Transactional Drafting: Anatomy of a Deal

B709 is taught by Cowart

Lawyers serve as advisors for many types of organizations including government, private sector business, individual businesses and non-profit organizations as each of those entities enter into various business transactions. Many of these lawyers are faced with a variety of agreements and transaction documents in a course of representing various entities as they enter into business arrangements or other corporate transactions where their clients acquire entities or business assets or sell businesses. The corporate transaction documents are unique animals bringing together many different areas of the law and requiring lawyers to be both business people and lawyers and good team members for facilitating a clients business objectives. This course is intended to help law students to understand how their legal education fits into and integrates into the practical world of business and deals and understand certain provisions are commonly included in various deal agreements.

The course will explore and look at the anatomy of deals and transactions and include dissecting those transaction documents and understanding how their training in law school translates into provisions in the deal documents so that they are better ready to represent their clients in deals. There will be a series of readings and problems that will analyze various transaction documents and help students understand how the subject matters learned in law school translate into the real world of business and business transactions.