Seminar in Criminal Law

L776 is taught by C. Bradley

The Seminar in Criminal Law is divided into two parts. In the first four weeks the students will read an assigned, recent, Supreme Court criminal procedure case as well as the commentary on that case in the book, Criminal Procedure: Recent Cases Analyzed, 2nd edition. Each student will make an oral presentation based on the case and the commentary. Students will also be preparing a brief (2 pp) "Petition for Certiorari" for a Supreme Court case based on information on conflicts in the circuits provided by the professor. Half of these petitions will be granted, and the students whose petitions were not granted will be assigned to oppose the students whose petitions were granted. Students will write a brief of no more than 30 pp. either as petitioner or respondent during the 5 week period when the class doesn&039;t meet. During the last four weeks the class will resume for oral arguments of the cases.