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Alumni Spotlight

Amy Huffman Oliver JD’92

Amy Huffman Oliver JD’92

Director of Legal Services, Turning Point Domestic Violence Services

“If you’re practicing in Indiana, it is a distinct advantage to be an Indiana Law graduate. In the years right after law school, many of us would call up classmates to ask questions. It was great to know so many Indiana attorneys right away.”

Areas of Focus

Family Law

Family law concerns the rights and responsibilities of individuals in the sphere of their home and intimate relationships. It regulates one of the most fundamental and important institutions in our society. The study of family law invites important policy debates (for example, abortion, same-sex marriage, division of property, and gender roles within the family) and involves the study of important theoretical issues, such as rules versus discretionary standards, state regulation versus private decision-making. It also requires attention to practical legal issues surrounding marriage, divorce, and child support and child welfare that regularly touch the lives of many Americans.

Competency in the law of the family requires substantive knowledge and skill in advising clients about sensitive personal issues. Preparing to be a good lawyer in this area requires the development of many important, transferable skills in drafting documents, fact investigation, interviewing, counseling, client communication, and advocacy.


After the required first-year courses, students may select from a broad range of offerings in the field of family law, including several clinics and clinical opportunities.

Student Activities and Opportunities
  • Older and Wiser Law Students (OWLS) offers support for non-traditional law students and their families.

  • Protective Order Project (POP) helps victims of domestic abuse obtain civil protective orders from the court with the ultimate goal of preventing further abuse.

  • The Women’s Law Caucus is a student organization focusing on women’s issues, community service, and professional development. This group hosts an Annual Charity Auction, and proceeds benefit Bloomington’s Middle Way House, a shelter for domestic violence victims, and Indiana Law’s own Protective Order Project.

  • The Tenant Assistance Project provides legal help to tenants facing immediate threat of eviction.
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