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Areas of Interest

Individual course counseling enables each of our graduate students to develop a unique course of study that suits his or her specific goals. With the exception of a few courses, all Indiana Law classes are available as electives for graduate students. Many of our LLM, MCL, and SJD students choose to work closely with our faculty experts and focus their studies in the areas of rule of law, international business, or intellectual property, while still others in our graduate programs choose to complement their degrees with courses from one or more of our Areas of Focus.

International and Comparative Law

Our international law curriculum educates students to influence change in matters related to rule of law. Indiana Law’s Center for Constitutional Democracy makes a tangible impression around the world as our professors and students help draft constitutions and work with reform leaders in diverse locations across the world.

Faculty experts in this area include:

  • David Fidler, James L. Calamaras Professor of Law
  • Donald H. Gjerdingen, who teaches Introduction to American Law (B504) and American Constitutional Law for Foreign Lawyers
  • Joseph Hoffmann, Harry Pratter Professor of Law and Director of International Programs, a nationally recognized authority on the death penalty
  • David Williams, John S. Hastings Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Constitutional Democracy
Business and Commercial Law

Globalization influences the world’s politics, economy, culture, and law. Regulating and facilitating commerce are crucial functions of the law and play a central role in national and international economies. To prepare future lawyers for this challenge, Indiana Law provides relevant courses and opportunities that prepare students to represent clients in a broad range of transactions and in related litigation. Our faculty includes renowned scholars in the field of international business. The International Law Society sponsors guest speakers and informal discussions and provides opportunities to meet attorneys practicing in the international arena. Our curriculum, extracurricular offerings, and joint degree programs with the Kelley School of Business ensure that our students will be prepared for careers in international business.

Faculty experts in this area include:

  • Hannah Buxbaum, Interim Dean and John E. Schiller Chair in Legal Ethics
  • Sarah Jane Hughes, University Scholar and Fellow in Commercial Law and a well-known expert on domestic and international payment systems
Intellectual Property

Attorneys who have mastered the complexities of the law of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets are in demand as the importance of protecting ideas as property expands. Our intellectual property faculty are established experts. Indiana Law offers a range of courses from broad surveys to specialized seminars focused on relevant issues in the field. Indiana University, one of the nation’s leading public research universities, puts a wealth of resources within reach. Students in the Intellectual Property Association benefit from a series of guest lectures focused on the practice of intellectual property law, career opportunities in the field, and preparation for the Patent Bar Exam.

Faculty experts in this area include: