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Shuo Ding
Home Country:
People's Republic of China
Previous Education:
Beijing Foreign Studies University, Degree in Law and English, 2009

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Master Classes in Corporations — and Cello
Shuo Ding, LLM'11

Shuo Ding chose to come to Bloomington not only for the Maurer School of Law's graduate programs, but also to take advantage of Indiana University's internationally renowned Jacobs School of Music. This combination, he says, has been almost like getting two degrees: one in law, one in music.

Why a graduate degree in the U.S.? "The United States is the most developed country in the world, and the potential for a more sophisticated legal system in China is very great. The U.S. is the best country for acquiring the skills that a Chinese lawyer will need to help build the rule of law at home."

Why Indiana University? "I am a classical music fanatic, and Bloomington is the home of one of the best music schools in the world. I got to sit in on some master classes in cello with Professor János Starker and play with the Bloomington Symphony. Cello — and western music — are not widely played in China, and I hope I can help make the instrument more popular when I go back home. I figure that I earned back my tuition by taking advantage of all the concerts and other musical performances.

"But even if you're not a music fan, Bloomington is a wonderful place. Watching college sports, biking, running and walking — whatever you like to do, it's a great university town, and everything you need is right here. And when I read that your alumnus Michael Maurer had donated $35 million to the school, I knew that it must be a special place."

Favorite Professors. "Professor Dennis Long is fantastic. In his bankruptcy class, he speaks slowly and clearly, and makes every word count. So is Professor Donna Nagy. I took corporations and securities regulation from her. She is a devoted teacher and very knowledgeable and experienced."

The Future. "I worked as a legal assistant in Beijing for one year before coming to Bloomington. I plan to go back to the firm and work for the next five to ten years, then pursue other occupations."

Advice for Incoming Students. "Try to enhance your ability in English as much as you can before coming to the U.S. I was recognized for excellence in English, and my skills definitely made me a better student."