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Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD)

San Antonio, Tex.
Previous Education:
AB’01, Theatre Arts, Texas A&M University - Kingsville; MFA’05, Texas Tech; Ph.D. (ABD), Theatre History, Theory, and Criticism, Texas Tech

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Current Student Profiles

“Professors are here to educate, not beat you down”
Michael Novak, JD’14

Michael Novak was looking for a course of study that blended his academic interests with practical analysis. Law school has proved to be the ideal solution.

Why Maurer? I looked closely at law schools in the Top 50 and narrowed my choices based on reputation and student comments in the blogosphere. Unlike students at many other schools, Maurer students posted positive feedback on Above the Law and Top Law Then when I visited campus and met students and faculty, I was sold.

On Life in Bloomington. Bloomington and Indiana Law provide a great mix of social, academic, and outdoor activities. My wife and I enjoy hiking, and Bloomington and the surrounding area have a plethora of beautiful and easy to reach trails. We also like to try new restaurants and different types of food, and Bloomington has plenty of places to do that, too.

Adjust your expectations. No matter what you may be expecting about law schools, your experience actually attending law school will be significantly different– and I mean that in a good way. The atmosphere at Maurer is friendly and supportive. The professors are here to help and are willing, and in some cases eager, to answer your questions. They are focused on educating you rather than trying to beat you down.

Other advice. Make sure you have found the perfect fit. Most schools pay lip service to being supportive and collegial, but Maurer actually delivers on it. And don’t be surprised if you have no concept of what you’re doing at the halfway point in the first semester. It’ll come together!