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Faculty Workshop Series
Summer, 2015

Workshops are held most Wednesdays at noon in the Faculty Conference Room.

Weds, May 20

Labor Law 2.0: The Impact of the New Information Technology on the Employment Relationship and the NLRA

Weds, June 10

The Same-Actor Inference of Nondiscrimination: Moral Credentialing and the Psychological and Legal Licensing of Bias

Weds, Jun 24

Who Forgives Which Churches: Black Churches in Chapter 11

Weds, July 1

Mining the (Trust) Gap: African-Americans and the Police

Weds, July 8

Pooling Data: Cooperative Barriers to Innovation

Weds, July 15

Judicial Imperialism

Weds, July 29

RFRAs and Reasonableness

Weds, August 5

A New Take on Juror Emotion: Using the Science of Emotion to Understand the Character Rules of Evidence

Weds, August 12

With Rights Come Responsibilities: Do We Want to Increase Patient Accountability in Informed Consent?