Tax Policy Colloquium for 2012

Jan. 26

When Does Tax Reform Occur and What Shapes its
Distributional Effects? Coalition Politics in the United States

Lucy Barnes
Nuffield College
Oxford University
Feb. 9

A New Theory of the State Corporate Income Tax:
The State Corporate Income Tax as Retail Sales Tax Complement

Darien Shanske
University of California-Hastings School of Law
Feb. 23

Our Bodies, Our Tax Selves

Bridget Crawford
Pace University School of Law
Mar. 8

Unpacking the Force of Law

Kristin Hickman
University of Minnesota School of Law
Mar. 29

Who Should Pay? Folk Justice and Redistributive Taxation

Steve Sheffrin
Tulane University Department of Economics
Apr. 12

Inequality in America: Challenges for Tax and Spending Policies

Eric Zolt
UCLA School of Law