Tax Policy Colloquium for 2017

Workshop Schedule for Spring, 2017

January 19

Daniel Hemel
Assistant Professor of Law
University of Chicago Law School

"Federalism as a Safeguard of Progressivity"

February 2

Rebecca Kysar
Professor of Law
Brooklyn Law School

"Automatic Legislation"

February 16

Les Book
Professor of Law
Villanova University School of Law

"Thinking About Taxpayer Rights and Social Psychology to Improve Administration of the EITC"

March 2

Allison Christians
Associate Professor
H. Heward Stikeman Chair in Tax Law
McGill University Faculty of Law

"Human Rights Beyond the Tax State: Who Owes What to Whom?"

March 23

Mildred Robinson
Henry L. and Grace Doherty Charitable Foundation Professor of Law
University of Virginia School of Law

"Irreconcilable Differences?: State Income Tax Law in the Shadow of the Internal Revenue Code"

April 6

Jason Oh
Assistant Professor of Law
UCLA School of Law

"Are the Rich Responsible for Progressive Marginal Tax Rates?"

April 13

David Gamage
Professor of Law
Indiana University Maurer School of Law

"Reconstructing the Alternative Minimum Tax to Achieve Real Progressivity at the High End"


Justin Ross
Associate Professor
Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs

"The Impact of State Taxes on Pass-Through Businesses: Evidence from the 2012 Kansas Income Tax Reform"