The Library maintains a collection of audio tapes, videotapes, and DVDs available for checkout. The collection consists of movies, documentaries, clinical titles, and locally produced videos of selected lectures and events. Among the holdings are important documentaries such as the highly acclaimed series on civil rights, Eyes on the Prize. Video and audio materials that enhance the classroom experience are also included in the collection. Among the subjects covered are legal ethics, evidence, and negotiations.

However, the most popular part of this collection has to be the feature films. In order to be considered, a movie must have a lawyer as a central character or have a legal theme. No attempt is made to judge the quality of the movie if it fits the criteria for selection. The movie collection serves two purposes: to show how lawyers and the legal system are portrayed in popular culture, and to offer entertainment. Among the diverse titles held are Inherit the Wind, A Civil Action, Judgment at Nuremberg, Twelve Angry Men, Kramer vs. Kramer, Mighty Ducks, Disorder in the Court, and Michael Clayton. Additionally, we own several collections of legal-themed television episodes—everything from Perry Mason to Boston Legal. DVD is the current format of choice, but many of the films were purchased in the VHS format.

A cart with AV playback equipment can be checked out at the circulation desk. In addition, playback equipment is located on the 3rd floor in Room 306C.

All of the titles held by the Library can be found in IUCAT. A complete list of audio tapes, videotapes, and DVDs available is also located in a notebook at the circulation desk as well as online.

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