In order to preserve print collections and make them widely available, the Law Library has begun several in-house digital projects, including the digitization of historic law school publications such as The I Witness. Other historic Indiana legal publications will be added over time. This collection will continue to expand as more projects are concluded.

Brevier Legislative Reports

The Brevier Legislative Reports were published biennially from 1858 to 1887 and are a verbatim report of the legislative history of the Indiana General Assembly during those years. The volumes also include veto statements and other messages from the Governor. These are a unique set of documents because there is no other detailed and comprehensive record of the debates and speeches from the floor of the Indiana Senate chamber and the Hall of the House of Representatives for this time period. The volumes also contain a record of each bill introduced in the House and Senate, and on a broader scale they are rich with detailed firsthand accounts that reflect the conditions of the times and aid in the understanding of the issues present in Indiana in the mid to late nineteenth century.


The I-Witness was a newsletter published by the Law School Alumni Association from 1959 to 1968. The newsletter was published in 12 separate issues over its nine year run, and it contains news of the law school (both Bloomington and Indianapolis), along with alumni news, photographs, interviews, speeches, and obituaries.

In addition to these two projects, a number of historical law school documents, from commencement programs to school newsletters, as well as faculty portraits, student journals, and a growing collection of faculty scholarship can be found in our Digital Repository.