The Jerome Hall Law Library maintains sizeable collections for several West European jurisdictions, including England and Scotland, Ireland, France, and Germany. These collections include statutes and case law in the vernacular languages, important legal periodicals, as well as selected treatises, monographs, and looseleaf services. Indexes and other reference sources for these jurisdictions, as well as English language materials where available, are also included in this collection.

Similar collections are maintained for Australia, Canada, India (primary sources only), and South Africa. The Library also has a special interest in Nigeria, and has a unique collection of older materials representing many smaller African jurisdictions.

The foreign law collection also includes some primary and secondary source material for Belgium, Switzerland, and Austria. The Library does not actively collect materials for Spanish-speaking jurisdictions.

In recent years the Library has increased its holdings for key Asian jurisdictions, including South Korea, the People’s Republic of China, and Japan. These collections include selected primary sources in English, as well as some monographs and looseleafs.

Finally, the Library has selected multi-jurisdictional sources providing access primarily to commercial law and civil procedure, as well as reference materials providing some coverage of many jurisdictions throughout the world.

If you have questions about our foreign law collection or researching in foreign legal systems, contact Ralph Gaebler, our Foreign and International Law Librarian.