Outreach services

Without preparation, legal research can be a frustrating and time-consuming task for non-law students. If you teach a class in which students are expected to perform some type of legal research, you and your students will benefit from the help of the law librarians. Our librarians are available to help take the confusion out of legal research by familiarizing non-law students with the materials they will need to use in advance. These introductions can take the form of library tours, in-class or out-of-class lectures, and research guides.


A tour of the Law Library is perhaps the most essential element to successful legal research for students. Besides familiarizing your students with the Library’s floor plan, we also point out specific materials that students may need to use during their research. Tours are a perfect way of introducing students to the reference staff and making them feel more comfortable using the Library. This helps students feel less intimidated when they need to use legal research materials for the first time. Additionally, tours can be tailored to emphasize resources especially relevant to your class. 


If your curriculum requires an extensive research project in a law-related area, a librarian is always available for either an in-class or out-of-class lecture. A librarian can come into your class or reserve time and space in the Law School whenever it is most convenient for you and your students. We will be happy to design lectures to meet the needs of your particular assignment. For example, some lectures might include the structure of the court system, federal and state legislation, administrative agencies, and the reference materials your students will be using during their research projects.

Research Guides

The Law Library offers a selection of research guides and bibliographies created by our staff that are available in print or through the Web site. If you find these materials do not meet your individual needs, a librarian can prepare tailor-made handouts that fit the needs of your course assignments.

To schedule an appointment or for further information, contact Outreach Services Librarian Cindy Dabney. The phone number for Outreach Services is (812) 855-1886.