Protective Order Project

POP is a student-directed project at the Law School designed to help victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and stalking obtain civil protective orders from the court, with the goal of preventing further abuse, both by restraining the abuser and by empowering the victim.

Contact POP 

Please feel free to contact the Protective Order Project. You can:

  • E-mail, or by filing out the contact box below.
  • Call (812) 855-4800 anytime and leave a message on the POP voice mail system. Messages are checked during office hours.
  • Come to the POP office during our regular office hours, noon to 1pm Monday through Friday and 5:30pm to 6:30pm Monday through Thursday. We are located in room 010 in the lower level of the Maurer School of Law, on the corner of East Third Street and Indiana Avenue.
    See a map or get directions.

Protective Order Project

If you need help now...

Middle Way House

Indiana Legal Services – Bloomington

Student Legal Services

Other Indiana University Services

  • Health Center Information: 812-855-5001
  • Sexual Assault Crisis Services: 812-855-8900
  • Police Department: 812-855-4111
  • Office of Student Ethics & Anti-Harassment Programs: 812-855-5419
  • Student Association Safety Escort: 812-855-SAFE
  • Office of Women's Affairs: 812-855-3849

Bloomington Hospital

  • Information: 800-222-9589
  • Stress Care Center: 812-336-9254

Bloomington Police Department

  • Phone: 812-339-4477

Monroe County Sheriff

  • Non-emergency: 812-349-2780
  • Administration: 812-349-2534

Monroe County Prosecutor

  • Victim's Assistance: 812-349-2670
  • Office of Family & Children: 812-336-6351
  • Child Protection Hotline: 812-336-6641

Monroe County Justice Building

  • Information: 812-349-2615
  • Clerk's Office: 812-349-2601

Protective Order Assistance Project (POAP)

  • Phone: 812-349-5006

Monroe County Clerk’s Office

  • Phone: 812-349-2614
  • Fax: 812-349-2610

District 10 Pro Bono Services

Student volunteers

  • Abby Bosch, Student Director (ACBOSCH@INDIANA.EDU)
  • Justin Mei Assistant Student Director
  • Kelsie Breit, Case Management Supervisor
  • Ashley Lenderman, Treasurer
  • Katharine Fischman and Roxanne Hilton, Directors of Outreach
  • Betsy Tao and Madeleine Schnittker, Fundraising Coordinators
  • Elizabeth Pagel, Volunteer Attorney Coordinator