Indiana Law Annotated Vol. 25 No. 16 (December 15, 2003)

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Dear students,

As you prepare for the end of exams and your travels home, I wanted to report on my own recent travels. In November, Professors David Williams and Susan Williams and I went to Bangkok, where about 100 Law School alumni live and work. With the wonderful help of Poom Moolsilpa, MCL'99, a doctoral student here and a faculty member at Assumption University in Bangkok, I was able to meet with the deans of all the law schools as well as many government officials and individual alumni. The week ended with a reception where we were able to visit with many more of our alumni in Bangkok. The Law School is very proud of our Thai alumni, who hold important positions in the judiciary, the government, and the academy, as well as in law firms in Bangkok. It was delightful to see so many of them again.

After Bangkok, David and Susan Williams traveled north with IU Law doctoral students Andrew Lian, Tun Myint, and Mukhit Yeleuov to attend a conference with Burmese citizens who are working on drafting a constitution in anticipation of a free Burma. Both David and Susan presented well-received talks, and I am delighted that our Law School can be a resource in this important, ongoing work.

After an alumni reception in Indianapolis, I then headed to El Salvador with Habitat for Humanity. I have been involved with this wonderful, life-changing organization for many years, and had promised myself that I would take an overseas Habitat trip as my birthday present to myself when I turned 50. The area where I was working had been devastated by the 2001 earthquake, and the team I went with was able to build eight simple houses in our time there. I will cherish the relationships I developed with the homeowners and with the other workers, one of whom was a law student. We spent our lunch breaks comparing constitutional provisions in El Salvador and the United States through an intrepid interpreter.

The spring semester promises to be as filled with travel as this fall has been. It is important for me to visit our alumni and help them stay informed about the school, so that they in turn can be good advocates for all of you. I hope you all will stay in touch while I'm traveling. I am planning to hold another school-wide meeting early in the spring semester. In the meantime, have a restful and peaceful holiday season, and safe journeys home.

All my best,

Lauren Robel


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