Internal competitions

Sherman Minton Moot Court Competition

Competition Dates:

Vary by semester; regular class meetings and assigments required


Open to all 2Ls (and 3Ls who have not previously competed)

The student-run Sherman Minton Moot Court Competition gives students the opportunity to enhance skills in argument, legal representation, and jurisprudence by researching and writing an appellate brief and engaging in oral arguments. Indiana Law alumni and other legal practitioners and judges from around the country serve as competition judges.

Law School Trial Tournament

Competition dates:

Early spring semester at Indiana Law


Open to all 2L and 3L law students

Students try a case in teams of two against two representing either the plaintiff or the defendant. Each student will conduct an opening statement, a closing argument, a direct examination, and a cross-examination. The four top-scoring students in each category (16 total students) will compete in a single elimination playoff tournament, seeded according to first-round scores.

Internal competitions are directed by the Law School's Advocacy Board.