Business and Law Society (BLS)

Entrepreneurship, finance, investment management, non-profit management, contract drafting, commercial litigation, marketing, venture capital, international business... The intersection of law and commerce is pervasive.

To that end, the Business & Law Society (BLS) at Indiana University Maurer School of Law aims to expose its students to the legal frameworks that enable commerce. And it is our goal to achieve this result with as much practical, hands-on experience as possible – business law related competitions, writing experience on business related topics, and networking with faculty and alumni.

  • Speaker events: speakers include Maurer faculty and alumni, and other professionals.
  • Transactional Drafting Competition (spring): Transactional Drafting Competition Workshops held by Prof. Mark Need during the course of the semester.
  • Mentoring program: 2L and 3L students assist 1L and 2L students by mentoring them through the rigors of law school and in the search for employment.
  • 1L Summer job search panel: 2Ls and 3Ls discuss how they landed their internships the summer after their 1L year. The panel provides helpful tips and answers to questions based on personal job search experience.
  • Resume workshop: Learn exactly what should be on your resume, discover how to stand out to potential employers, and receive personal feedback.
  • Mock interviews: Practice your interviewing skills with experienced Business Law Society members.
  • MaurerPoint: Find out what happens when your professors are stripped of their notes and forced to teach from a PowerPoint slide deck they've never seen before, on a subject they know nothing about. Hilarity, with a side of healthy competition.

Executive Board

  • Carolyn Griffith, President (
  • Christopher Wilkes, Vice President (
  • Dominic Ferro, Treasurer (
  • Tayler Belinske, Events and Communications Director (
  • Thibault Vieilledent, Alumni Relations (
  • Blake Winn, Transaction Drafting Competition Coordinator (