Environmental Law Society (ELS)

The Environmental Law Society provides opportunities and resources for law students interested in environmental law, sustainability, and the outdoors.

The group hosts guest speakers, promotes sustainability initiatives, organizes networking events, and plans hikes, mixers, and meetings to help connect students with one another and with the greater community.

The mission of the Environmental Law Society (ELS) is to:

  1. Enhance the academic experience of students interested in environmental law;
  2. Promote clinical opportunities in environmental law that enable students to gain practical skills;
  3. Provide resources and professional networks for students interested in pursuing careers in environmental law;
  4. Build community around environmental law, sustainability, and a love of the outdoors at Maurer, on IU’s campus, and in the greater Bloomington community;
  5. Initiate and support efforts to promote sustainable practices at the Law School

Through our work in each of these areas, ELS promotes environmental justice and sustainability, student engagement in the field of environmental law, and student involvement on campus and in the community.

New members are always welcome!

ELS Activities

  • Participation in the Pace Law School National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition
  • Participation and representation in the IU Student Sustainability Council
  • Social gatherings and recreational outings
  • Annual academic advising session prior to registration in the spring
  • Coordination with the Conservation Law Clinic to promote practical exposure for members
  • Sponsorship of speakers who discuss various environmental issues
  • Participation in the National Association of Environmental Law Societies



Executive Board

  • Kacey Cook, President
  • Abigail Gulde, Vice President
  • Mark Finley, Treasurer
  • Buddy Loberman, Secretary