Feminist Law Forum

The Feminist Law Forum is a student organization dedicated to fostering gender equality, both in the Law School and in the legal profession. The organization is involved in programs designed to educate its members, as well as the Indiana Law community, on feminist thought, to support diversity in the community, and to improve the educational environment. The organization sponsors "Women in Law Day" for local high school students, an “Equal Pay Day Bake Sale,” and a mentoring program for its members, among other events and programs. The Feminist Law Forum welcomes all students interested in women’s issues.

A committed group of law students began the Feminist Law Forum in 1999 because of a perceived need for an organization that would take a strong stand against sexism in the Law School and in the legal profession. Despite the important strides made in the past few decades, sexism is still a significant problem in the legal profession. As a recent study by the Indiana Bar revealed, “[d]isparate treatment of men and women is found in the courtroom, in salary levels, in opportunities for advancement, and in the day-to-day interchange among colleagues.”

Feminist Law Forum projects include:

  • Administering a mentor program for our members
  • Working with the administration to place a portrait of a notable woman graduate in the classrooms
  • Hosting consciousness-raising events for members to openly explore and discuss feminist issues
  • Participating in IU’s annual “Take Back the Night” event to speak out against sexual violence and promote female empowerment
  • Working with faculty and students to combat sexism, racism, and heterosexism in the classroom
  • Hosting “Women in Law Day” each spring, where a group of young women from an area high school are invited to the Law School to see what it’s like to be a female in law school and the legal world

The FLF welcomes all students who are interested in feminist issues. We believe that the efforts of both men and women are important in the fight against sexism.


  • Betsy Astrup, President (eastrup@iu.edu)
  • Alexus McNally, Vice President
  • Lyla Mahmoud, Secretary
  • Ishita Gugnani, Treasurer
  • Prof. Susan Williams, Faculty Advisor

Please visit us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/groups/feministlawforumatiub/