Advocates for Life

Advocates for Life (AFL) is a pro-life, non-religious, non-partisan student organization formed in accordance with the regulations of Indiana University Maurer School of Law. We desire to be a diverse student organization united by our common understanding that life is inviolate, life begins at conception and should end at natural death, and that all life deserves the equal protection of the law. We advocate for respect for the lives of all people. We aim to foster a legal culture where the dignity of all human life will be respected and treasured.     

The purpose of AFL is to promote the right to life to the legal world, while respecting other persons who may not share in our core beliefs. We support the right to life comprehensively, believing that the  inherent dignity of all persons must be respected and protected in the law. We stand for the right to life of all persons: born or unborn, young or old, healthy or sick, strong or frail. We stand against abortion, embryo-destructive research, assisted suicide, euthanasia, and other issues that are an affront to the right to life.     

We plan to educate future lawyers on the legal rationale, framework and precedent surrounding pro-life issues so that they can skillfully and competently work in furtherance of pro-life values. We invite intelligent and respectful dialogue and debate, recognizing that the issues at hand are some of the most contentious of our time.     

Executive Board

  • Katie Slisz, President
  • Katelyn Klingler, Vice President
  • Kyle Grothoff, Treasurer
  • Bryan San Jose, Outreach Coordinator

More Information

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