Intellectual Property Association

The Intellectual Property Association is an organization for students interested in issues surrounding intellectual property, including patent law, trademark law, trade secret law, and communication law. For members interested in patent law, the organization offers assistance in studying for the patent bar exam. The Association also hosts guest speakers from the world of intellectual property, panel discussions regarding intellectual property issues, and networking events where students can interact and receive advice from intellectual property attorneys from across the world.

For students interested in intellectual property, this organization provides many resources to enhance educational and employment opportunities.

IPA Activities

ChIPs Maurer

The Center for Intellectual Property Research is pleased to introduce its newest student chapter: ChIPs Maurer. ChIPs is a global networking organization dedicated to supporting women in the fields of technology, law, and policy. Join the ChIPs mailing list by emailing Information about upcoming meetings can also be found on the events calendar.

Volunteers in IP (VIPs)

VIPs allows students including first-year students the opportunity to immerse themselves in IP practice by assisting the Center for Intellectual Property's patent hub, PatentConnect.

Intellectual Property at Maurer School of Law

Executive Board

  • Sarah Kelly
  • Payton Hoff
    Vice President
  • Garrett Derian-Toth
  • Matthew Ritter
    Social Chair
  • Michael Glennon
    Alumni Liaison
  • Emma Ng
    Alumni Liaison
  • Nick Ciulla
    1L Representative/VIPs Coordinator
  • Chris McMillian
    1L Representative/VIPs Coordinator
  • Richa Patel
    1L Representative/VIPs Coordinator