Labor and Employment Law Society

The Labor and Employment Law Society (LELS) educates, organizes, and supports students interested in labor and employment law to ensure that a new generation of attorneys will be prepared to navigate the intricacies of the field on both the employer and employee side.

Labor and employment law influences nearly every member of the public. We are committed to increasing understanding of the issues that affect workers of all classes and workplaces in all sectors.

LELS is not a political organization and will not take a political stance on any issue affecting the labor and employment law community. LELS’ goal is to educate students and members of the community on issues impacting labor and employment law. To this end, LELS organizes speakers, events, and debates in order to encourage dialogue on issues ranging from ERISA to Weingarten Rights.

Students interested in practicing labor and employment law are encouraged to join LELS to further build their network with Maurer alumni and labor and employment practitioners. LELS keeps members informed about upcoming events and networking opportunities.

LELS encourages its members to connect with labor and employment law students and practitioners across the nation at conferences and competitions. LELS, where it can, will support members’ efforts to attend these events through fundraising.

For more information about LELS, please email

  • Caleb Ohmer, President
  • Kelsey Gans, Vice President
  • Joanetta Fields van Rijn, Treasurer
  • Gustavo Jimenez, Recorder
  • Alex Devilliers, Coalition Coordinator